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Why Does Motkoo Electric Mini Pet Bike Become Your First Choice?

The electric bicycle market is now very mature, and as long as you are willing to spend time understanding electric bicycles, you can definitely choose the electric bicycle that suits you. However, there are so many styles of electric bicycles on the market, and their basic functions are the same, which is to provide convenience for people’s travel. But how to choose the most suitable one for your own? You will need to consider its additional functions. You will finally find that Motkoo’s mini pet electric bicycle has become your first choice for travel by continuously improving its additional features.

1.Dual motor and rear hub motor version
In order to meet the needs of different geographical locations, Motkoo has developed two versions of electric bicycles: dual-motor version and single-battery version. For users in mountainous areas who require more climbing power, they can choose the dual-motor version of the mini bike. For users living in relatively flat areas, the single motor version is sufficient to meet their riding needs.

2.Two seats and single seats version
Motkoo has thoughtfully designed two versions of electric bicycles: single-seat and double-seat versions. For families with children, the double-seat version is undoubtedly very suitable and attractive. We also provide a child handlebar, so that your child can hold onto the handlebar securely during the ride. For individual riders, the single-seat version is sufficient for your travel needs. Our seats are very comfortable and won’t make you feel uncomfortable or tired.

3.Pet cage and cargo cage version
Motkoo also designed the version with a pet carrier for pet lovers, fulfilling their desire to travel with their pets. In the front half of the frame, there is a moderately sized carrier. When you want to travel with your cat or dog, you can place them in the carrier. It’s not too crowded, and it ensures your pet won’t easily jump out, allowing you to take them out happily. Of course, if you don’t have a pet, you can put your bag or other items in the carrier, freeing up your hands.

Don’t hesitate to get this small but multi-function ebike for you and your family. Motkoo will provide you with your ideal ebike.

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