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GTRIDE City Bikes are using high quality components. Due to our innovative design ideas, cutting-edge technology, and high-performance electric-assist performance, we can offer the best riding experience, usher in a new era of technological riding, and fully show how people and technology are coming together.

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Our bike collections cover several categories to meet the unique needs of individuals, whether you care for size, love going off-road, or just want to keep fit.

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About Gtridebike

GTRIDEBIKE is a leading electric bike manufacturer that focuses on both aesthetic and functional designs to produce high-quality electric bikes. Our long-term objective is to develop a two-wheeled electric bicycle brand that is both cost-effective and high-performing, and to do so while simultaneously making a positive impact on the development of a more environmentally conscious society. We are able to provide the highest degree of riding experience, usher in a new era of technological riding, and fully reflect the fusion of people and technology as a result of our innovative design concepts, cutting-edge technology, and high-performance electric-assist performance. Our goal is to produce bikes that are as circular as possible, and this goal informs both the design and manufacturing of our bikes. This covers every aspect, from the bike’s design and materials to its purchase, assembly, use, and recycling. GTRIDEBIKE is a good example of how cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly design can be used to solve some of the most pressing transportation problems in cities.

Efficient Motor

The electric motor is the heart of your electric bike. Our motor's specs determine its top speed, acceleration, ability to go up hills, how much power it uses, how well it works, and how far it can go.


Our electric bikes rely on both human and electric energy to be propelled. The electric energy is provided by a rechargeable battery. This means that they release no emissions while in use.

Battery life

Our ebike battery works on a thousand charge cycles, meaning if you take care of the battery, you can get up to 1,000 full charges. With proper care and maintenance, your e-bike batteries can last between 3 and 8 years.

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General Querries of Electric bike

Depending on several variables, including rider strength, tire pressure, wind, and environmental temperature, the top speed may exceed 28 mph. The final top speed depends only on the power available to the motor and the rider’s pedaling efforts.

With relaxed pedaling, expect 22–50 miles on a single charge for some models. In some cases, you’ll go even farther. We have bikes that get 80+ miles on a single charge. The range will also be impacted by the battery capacity, the hills, wind and your size.

Typically, electric bikes weigh more than ordinary bikes. But while ascending hills, the weight of any bicycle—electric or not—is felt the most. The electric assist on an e-bike makes up for the additional weight many times over.

Yes, you can let the battery in your electric bike charge overnight. You shouldn’t be concerned about overcharging or over-draining the battery of your e-bike.

Even for seasoned mountain bikers who routinely partake in this fitness activity, studies show that electric mountain bikes seem to be a great source of aerobic or cardiovascular workouts.

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