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Folding Bike

GTRIDEBIKE has a long and storied history in folding ebike manufacturing. Based on our previous experience in the production and development of electric mopeds, we have launched a brand new development and production direction focusing on high-quality, high-performance consumer and shareable electric mopeds.

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Folding Bikes

Have a look at the folding bikes that we have available. Our collections of folding bikes include a wide range of models that are made to meet the needs of different types of people in terms of size, price, and features.

About Gtridebike

GTRIDEBIKE is a well-known producer of electric mopeds, and their products include high-quality electric motorbikes that have features that are both aesthetically pleasing and useful. The contemporary and streamlined designs produced by GTRIDEBIKE have propelled the company to the forefront of the transportation industry. Since the beginning of our business, we have made substantial investments in research and development as well as the manufacturing of electric mopeds that may be used for travel over short and medium distances. Our products are exported to a number of different nations and regions across the globe. In addition, it demonstrates a pattern of explosive expansion from year to year. Our primary goal is to establish ourselves as the industry’s most reputable manufacturer of electric mopeds. After many years of research and development, we have mastered our basic technology and reached the highest standards in our field.

Anti-theft system

Because it is equipped with GPS connectivity, you are able to track your e-moped at any time, and notifications will be sent to your phone directly. The smart security system can tell when something isn't right and sends a message to your phone right away.

Intuitive braking system

Both the front disc brake and the rear drum brake on our e-moped are made of high-quality parts to keep you safe in case you have to stop suddenly and to keep your riding experience smooth.


Both climate change and global warming present significant challenges, and we should each do what we can to help find solutions. Our electric mopeds generate far less pollution than autos do per kilometer traveled.

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General Querries of Emoped

Electric mopeds may be utilized for all of the same purposes as traditional scooters and mopeds, just like their gasoline-powered counterparts can. From daily commutes and quick trips across the city to deliveries and uses in the public sector, such as law enforcement and police, emoped have become increasingly popular.

Yes. Mopeds are able to have delivery boxes the size of a “Pizza Box” attached to them. With detachable batteries and supplemental charges, this would make it possible to finish a shift.

Yes. There is a requirement for a helmet.

This is determined by the power of the engine, how much energy is used from the battery, and the driving style that is used. The typical range begins at around 35 miles and may go as far as 75 miles on the bikes that we provide.

This is dependent on the model as well as whether or not you are charging them from a standard household outlet rated for 13 amps or from a commercial charging station. On the other hand, completely charging a battery can take anywhere from six to eight hours. However, using a fast charger can considerably cut this time, and certain models come with this option.

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