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Your trusted e-bike manufacturer, best e-bike OEM/ODM supplier from China


Shop for a wide range of mini electric bikes with different styles, sizes, and models. Apply for your pest, pick up children, go to supermarket and more


Our fat bikes give you the ability to explore more places in more seasons, from dunes to drifts and snow to sand.

Mountain BIKE

Our off-road bikes have the most up-to-date technology and performance features that are meant to help riders become the best they can be.


Why Choose Gtridebike?

Excellent OEM&ODM skills

With over a decade of experience in e-bike manufacturing, we bring expertise to the table. Our team comprises over a hundred skilled workers and dedicated R&D engineers, all committed to fostering the growth of your business.

Superior quality

GTBIKERIDE keeps improving its production process and quality control links to make sure that its products are of the highest quality.

Speed of delivery

We ensure that our products are transported as safely, reliably, and cost-effectively as possible. We also provide real-time feedback on logistics developments.

Biggest service network

We built up strong service team to solve the problem of long restocking times for some retailers and offer a one-stop service for after-sales needs in other countries.

Bulk order same with sample

We value every customer, especially those who are stepping into the e-bike space for the first time. We make sure that the bulk order of ebikes you receive are the same with the sample you get from us.

About Gtridebike

Your one-stop e-bike manufacturer from China

As one of the best e-bike manufacturers, Gtridebike has consistently focused on producing e-bikes and escooter series for 10 years. We have extensive OEM and ODM experience and a development R&D team that can help you design the best, ideal products. Based on our premium quality and service, we maintain long-term partnerships with global dealers. Our mission is to help your e-bike and e-scooter business grow.

Gtride E-bike Factory

The All New

Kryo X26 MTB Is Here

The KRYO X26 MTB is the next development direction in urban travel. It incorporates the idea of sustainable mobility, two-wheeled electric new technology, and a product that is futuristic and realistic at the same time.

About Company

Professional Ebike Manufacturer

GTBIKERIDE is a top electric bike manufacturer that focuses on both aesthetic and functional designs to produce high-quality electric bikes. Our long-term goal is to construct a two-wheeled electric bicycle brand that is both high-performing and cost-efficient, and to do so while also contributing to the creation of a more environmentally friendly society. As a result of our creative design ideas, cutting-edge technology, and high-performance electric-assist performance, we are able to bestow the highest level of riding enjoyment, usher in a new era of technological riding, and perfectly embody the merger of humans and technology. We are aiming to make our bikes as circular as possible, which is directing both our bike design and production process. This includes everything from the design and materials through the procurement, assembly, use, and reuse of the bikes. GTBIKERIDE is a good example of how sustainable design and new technologies can be used to solve some of the most pressing problems in urban mobility.

what our dealers say?

Read some of the best things our customers have said about us and our products.

Jeniffer Smith


My brand-new electric bike that I purchased from GTBIKERIDE is fantastic. It is extremely lovely, in addition to being very polished and well-built. I really like the possibilities of having a basket and a rear rack. The attention to detail on this bike is incredible. Excellent quality combined with a reasonable cost. It is absolutely worth every single dime

Pamela Duncan


I am really happy with my new electric bike! It was a breeze to place the order, and it came in a box on time, all assembled and ready to go. I placed an order for a custom paint job, as well as color on the rims and the basket. I get compliments on the look all the time. I love that I can ride as a standard bike, with assistance, or using the throttle only

Steve Tailor


In terms of quality, service, and overall professionalism, GTBIKERIDES and their products have more than satiated our requirements. Since we bought our electric bicycles approximately two months ago, my wife and I have put several hundred miles on them, and I cannot speak highly enough of how satisfied I am with them.

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