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About Us

GTRIDEBIKE has a long and storied history in emoped manufacturing. Based on our previous experience in the production and development of electric mopeds, we have launched a brand new development and production direction focusing on high-quality, high-performance consumer and shareable electric mopeds.

We are a leading producer of high-quality electric bikes, electric micro mobility, electric mini bike and more. Our ultimate objective is to build an efficient and effective brand of two-wheeled electric bikes that will help people get around town while simultaneously making a positive impact on the environment. We are able to usher in a new age of technological riding and precisely exemplify the combination of people and technology because of our innovative design concepts, state-of-the-art technology, and superior electric-assist performance. Our goal in designing and manufacturing e-bikes is to make them as circular as possible. This includes everything from the design and materials through the procurement, assembly, use, and reuse of the bikes. GTRIDEBIKE shows how sustainable design and cutting-edge technologies can be used to solve important transportation problems in cities.

Provide Products and Services that Satisfy Customers

Excellent Quality

Gtride ebike factory employs fully automated European production lines, encompassing 74 meticulous production steps and over 300 inspection points. This ensures the quality of each electric bicycle meets the necessary standards. Since 2017, Gtride ebike has collaborated with various Chinese research institutions, resulting in notable advancements in electric bicycle development, process management, and quality assurance. This effort has yielded top-tier, dependable products that set industry standards.

Gtride ebike factory now produces 2,000 electric bicycles and scooters monthly, using advanced equipment with high production efficiency, capable of generating up to 1000 frame sets daily.

Upgrade Design

Gtride posses a team of seasoned designers and engineers capable of transforming your hand-drawn sketches or concepts into 3D drawings, with prototype samples ready in 15days. 

Guided by a people-centric, innovative, and eco-conscious design philosophy, we stead fastly work towards crafting electric bicycles that prioritize ergonomics, environmental responsibility, and energy efficiency.

Efficient Service

We are committed to creating win-win cooperation with all dealers. Our extensive range, comprising 90% ODM and OEM products, is backed by a proficient R&D team that adapts to shifting market trends. With a global presence spanning North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond, we’ve fostered fruitful partnerships with different dealers. For inquiries, custom orders, or product interest, feel free to contact us. You’re also welcome to visit Haidong ebike factory!

Our Team

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Our Process


Research is something that is always going on here as we have a dedicated research team working toward the goal of developing the most cutting-edge technology in the ebike industry.

Idea & Concept

This group makes sure that all of the important parts that an electric bike needs to work well are in good shape.

Design & Production​

After receiving permission from the quality control team to begin manufacturing, the engineers and technicians will go to work on the product.

Sales & Service​

In the event that it is necessary, we also provide after-sale services. When they are required, spare parts and other accessories are also readily accessible.

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