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GTRIDEBIKE has a long and storied history in the mini bike manufacturing industry. As a result, we are well-known across the world and have received several accolades for the design and craftsmanship of our tiny e-bikes. Our company recruits individuals with a wide range of skills. This enables us to manufacture dependable and high-quality mini bikes for any terrain.

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Mini Bikes

Check out our mini bike model. Our collection of mini bikes has different models that are made to meet the needs of different people based on size, price, and features.

About Gtridebike

GTRIDEBIKE is a well-known electric mini bike manufacturer that creates high-quality electric motorcycles with both aesthetic and functional features. GTRIDEBIKE, with its contemporary and slimline designs, dominates the mini bike industry. In reality, it is our company’s manufacture of mini bikes that has made us well-known globally. Aside from that, our long-term goal is to create a low-cost, high-performance brand of two-wheeled electric mini bikes while also contributing to the creation of a more environmentally conscious society. GTRIDEBIKE bikes are popular all over the world for a multitude of reasons. One of them is their light weight, which enables them to move faster.

Fast and flexible

Our mini bike technology provides you with the extra power you need to travel long distances with minimal effort. You can also use multi-purpose cycling lanes and traffic-free routes, which are ideal if you live in a city and want to reduce your commuting time.

Cut back expenses

Using an e-bike or scooter instead of a car will save you money in the long term. They have batteries that can take you 18–50 miles on a full charge, depending on the degree of assistance you use.


Climate change and global warming are major challenges, and we must all do our share to address them. Our mini E-bikes produce less pollution per kilometer than automobiles. They consume energy at a rate of 100 to 150 watts on average, compared to 15,000 or more for an automobile.

How Your mini Bike Be manufactured


Incoming Quality Control

Before manufacturing begins, our skilled quality control specialists thoroughly inspect each element and component to ensure it is of excellent quality and fulfills industry standards.


Sorting inventory

Before we begin assembling the bike, our professional personnel perform one final check to ensure that all of the parts are there and that the work station is ready to begin manufacturing bikes.


Production and assembly

Every component and accessory follows a predetermined production line. Skilled engineers and technicians put together and set up every part of a high-quality e-bike.


Quality inspection

Our quality control experts inspect the completed product to ensure that it meets the demands of people, the environment, and the industry.



The e-bike is carefully packed in a carton box with all of the essential protective materials to ensure that it arrives to the customer in excellent working order with all of the parts.



Finally, we employ reliable and secure shipping providers to deliver our high-quality e-bikes to the clients’ specified addresses.

The steps you work with us

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When you contact our professional customer service representatives, you will learn about our products and customization options. The ability to provide optimal solutions for each application underpins our whole business strategy. We will accept customizations for scooters, bicycles, and electric motorcycles. We can convert your ideas into a finished product.

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The custom center

If you follow safety and industry requirements, you will have access to customization possibilities. Some unique items can be personalized. You can add your logo to the products and cartons.

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Confirm specification

We will validate all of the details with you before you place an order to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. Following agreement on your bike’s specifications, our engineers begin the manufacturing process. The sales and purchasing departments will provide the most assistance.

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Arrange production

Based on the delivery date, the factory plans the preparation and fabrication of raw materials for orders. Each production line has its own manner of creating motorcycles, and they are all checked in the same way.

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Once the product has been manufactured, we will contact you to get the delivery address, location, and requirements. Our delivery team will schedule a delivery time that will be communicated to you.

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