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Our Mountain Bike is designed for off-road riding and is ideal for use in mountains, deserts or other difficult terrain. Our Mountain Bikes are made of high-quality materials, with a rugged frame and a reliable suspension system to ensure outstanding performance and control in a variety of environments.

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Mountain Bike

Our mountain bikes are also equipped with a reliable braking system to ensure you can stop quickly when you need to. In addition, we offer mountain bikes in different sizes and styles to meet the needs and preferences of different riders. We firmly believe that choosing our bikes will give you an exciting and memorable cross-country riding experience. We welcome you to visit our official website for more detailed information about our products.

About Gtridebike

GTRIDEBIKE is a leading electric mountain bike manufacturer that focuses on both aesthetic and functional designs to produce high-quality electric bikes. GTRIDEBIKE dominates the market for dirt motorcycles with fashionable and svelte designs. In reality, our company’s mountain bike production is what makes us most well-known on a global scale. Beyond that, our long-term goal is to create an affordable, high-performance brand of two-wheeled electric mountain bikes while also having a constructive influence on the growth of a more environmentally conscious society. There are many different reasons why GTRIDEBIKE motorcycles are adored all around the world. One of them is their light weight, which enables them to be used at high speeds, particularly in motocross and racing.

Four-stroke engine

Our four-stroke dirt motorcycles are more effective and powerful than two-stroke engines. It has a piston that does the four strokes of intake, compression, power, and exhaust to complete one full cycle, which is two crankshaft rotations.

Electric start

The electric start feature on our mountain bike makes it easier to start the bike. There is an electric motor that automatically spins the engine over to get it to start when you press the start button. The electric motor is powered by a battery on the bike.

Disk brakes

Our disc brakes provide a significant amount of braking force and are more effective than drum brakes in stopping fast moving bikes. The fact that the disc brakes are open guarantees that they will never overheat because of their excellent heat dissipation.

How Your Mountain Bike Be manufactured


Incoming Quality Control

Before production starts, every bike part and component is put through a rigorous test by our skilled quality control specialists to guarantee quality and compliance.


Sorting inventory

Our highly trained professionals make a last check to make sure all parts are there and the work station is ready to start production before we start coupling the bike.


Production and assembly

Every part and accessory runs through a predefined production line. Every part of a quality e-bike is put together and put in place by well-trained engineers and staff.


Quality inspection

Our dedicated quality control experts check the finished product to make sure it meets standards for people, the environment, and the industry.



The e-bike is carefully packed in a carton box with all the protective materials it needs to make sure it gets to the customer in perfect working order with all the parts.



Finally, we transport our top-notch ebikes to the buyer at the address provided in the purchase using reputable and secure shipping firms.

The steps you work with us

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Our whole business strategy in Wuxi Jiangsu. We will accept your customization, whether it is scooter, bicycle or electric motorcycle, we can turn your 100 ideas into the perfect product.

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The custom center

Some special accessories can be customized, you can add your logo on the products and cartons.

— 03

Confirm specification

Before you place an order, we will confirm all the details with you to ensure the smooth progress of the order. Any special requirements shall be informed in advance.

— 03

Arrange production

The factory arranges the preparation and production of raw materials for orders according to the specific delivery date. Every production line has a strict production process, and every car will undergo standardized inspection.

— 04


We will get in touch with you to collect the delivery address location and specifics after manufacture is complete. Our delivery team will set a delivery date that will be shared with you.

— 05

After-sale service

The sales department and the purchase department will give the greatest support.

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General Querries of Electric bike

The speed of a dirt bike will vary depending on the make and model. However, most mountain bikes can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

The main difference between a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke mountain bike is the way in which they are powered. Two-stroke mountain bikes have a two-cycle engine that runs on a mixture of gas and oil, while four-stroke mountain bikes have a four-cycle engine that runs on gasoline only. Two-stroke mountain bikes are typically lighter and more powerful than four-stroke bikes, but they can be more difficult to maintain.

Caring for a mountain bike is similar to caring for any other type of motorcycle. Be sure to check the oil level regularly and change it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Inspect the tires frequently and keep them properly inflated. And clean the bike after each ride to prevent rust and corrosion.

When shopping for a mountain bike, it’s important to consider your skill level, what type of riding you’ll be doing, and your budget. Beginners should look for a bike that is lightweight and easy to handle, while more experienced riders may want a bike that is more powerful.

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