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GTRIDEBIKE has one of the most illustrious histories in the fat bike market. As a consequence, we are well-known worldwide and have earned several awards for the design and craftsmanship of our fat e-bikes. Our organization hires specialists with a diverse set of talents. This enables us to produce reliable and high-quality fat bikes for every terrain.

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Fat Bikes

Check out our selection of fat bikes. Our fat bike collections include a wide range of models that are made to meet the needs of different people based on size, price, and features.

About Gtridebike

GTRIDEBIKE is a prominent electric fat bike company that produces high-quality electric bikes with both attractive and practical features. GTRIDEBIKE, with its trendy and slimline designs, leads the market for fat bikes. In actuality, our company’s production of fat bikes is what has made us the most well-known on a global basis. Aside from that, our long-term objective is to develop an inexpensive, high-performance brand of two-wheeled electric fat bikes while also having a positive impact on the development of a more environmentally conscious society. GTRIDEBIKE bikes are appreciated all over the world for a variety of reasons. One of them is their light weight, which allows them to move more quickly.


For light weight and strength, our fat bikes are built of aluminum or carbon fiber. Some fat bikes, on the other hand, are made of steel for ultimate durability. Our fat bike frames are likewise limited to either 26" or 27.5" wheel sizes.


Our fat bike tires have a lot of tread and are a little knobby by nature. Choose our fat bike if you anticipate riding on soft ground such as loose snow, dirt, or mud. Our tires' width is also a crucial consideration, ranging from less than 4 inches on the low end to more than 5 inches on the high end.


Depending on the terrain you want to ride on, having the proper suspension might be critical. Our suspension will assist in keeping the bike under control and the ride comfortable if you are riding steep and hard routes with features such as rock gardens or huge ruts.

How Your fat Bike Be manufactured


Incoming Quality Control

Before production starts, our professional quality control specialists test every part and component of a bike very carefully to make sure it is high quality and meets all regulations.


Sorting inventory

Before we start putting the bike together, our skilled workers do one last check to make sure all the parts are there and the work station is ready to start making bikes.


Production and assembly

Every component and accessory follows a predetermined production line. Skilled engineers and technicians put together and set up every part of a high-quality e-bike.


Quality inspection

Our experts in quality control check the finished product to make sure it meets the needs of people, the environment, and the industry.



The e-bike is carefully packed in a carton box with all of the necessary protective materials to make sure it gets to the customer in great working condition with all of the parts.



Lastly, we use reputable and safe shipping companies to get our high-quality e-bikes to the customers at the address given on the order.

The steps you work with us

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When you speak with our trained customer support personnel, you will learn about our products and customization choices. The ability to deliver optimum solutions for each application underpins our whole business approach. We will accept customizations for scooters, bicycles, and electric motorcycles. We can convert your ideas into a finished product.

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The custom center

Customization options are available to you if you adhere to safety and industry standards. Some special accessories can be customized. You can add your logo to the products and cartons.

— 03

Confirm specification

Before you place an order, we will confirm all of the information with you to ensure that the purchase proceeds well. Following agreement on your bike’s requirements, our engineers begin the production process. The sales and purchasing departments will provide the most assistance.

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Arrange production

The factory schedules the preparation and manufacturing of raw materials for orders based on the delivery date. Each production line has a specific way of making bikes, and each one is checked the same way.

— 04


After manufacturing is done, we will contact you to collect the delivery address location and specifications. Our delivery crew will schedule a delivery time that will be communicated to you.

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General Querries of Fat Bike

Fat bikes, also known as “snow bikes,” “All-Terrain Bikes,” or “ATBs,” feature a wider fork, bottom bracket, and rear triangle to fit the larger, thicker tires. They can accommodate rims wider than 100mm and tires wider than 5″. When used at low tire pressures, the beefy tires provide the stability to ride at extremely low speeds and the ability to float over sand, snow, and practically anything else while damaging the route slightly.

It is best to have firm, compacted snow. Snow packed by a snowmobile, snowshoe, or other techniques may also be rideable and a lot of fun. A few inches of new snow give you the sensation of creating fresh tracks, but too much snow can make an uphill journey uncomfortable.

You’d be shocked at how easy it is to peddle a fat bike. They roll effortlessly with the correct snow conditions. Race-ready fat bikes may weigh as little as 20 pounds, and steel-framed variants can be as light as an average mountain bike. The massive air-filled tires eliminate the need for hefty suspension forks.

For cycling on snow, 5–10 PSI is normally recommended, but you can go as low as 3 PSI. When in doubt, let some air out. The lower the pressure, the softer the conditions. During the summer, 15 PSI is an excellent starting point for riding on rougher dirt or mountain bike tracks.

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