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The Three features of Motkoo Electric Mini Pet Bike

With the popularization of electric bikes, riders have higher expectations for the additional functions of electric bicycles, especially people who have pets, they hope to own ebikes designed for carrying their pets when they are going outside. Motkoo Pet Ebike meets all the needs of pet lovers. Motkoo mini electric pet bike has three features that make it unique and suitable for pet owners.

1.A comfortable pet cage in the bike frame for your pet
Most electric bikes do not have a dedicated space for pets. However, the Motkoo pet ebike features a thoughtful design with a pet cage at the front of part of the ebike. When you go out for a leisure trip or have to go outside but you want to bring your beloved dog or cat along, you can place it in the dedicated pet cage, allowing them to accompany you anywhere. This not only frees up your hands but also ensures a safe journey for your pets.

2.Big power and fast speed assistance for long range
Motkoo electric mini pet bike equipped with 2 units of 500W electric motor that provides assistance to the rider, making it easier to driving and navigate through various terrains while carrying a pet. It also has a 48V20Ah lithium battery, providing assurance for riders planning long-distance cycling trips. It is equipped with high-brightness LED high-beam headlights and a very comfortable seat cushion. With the support of a powerful electric system, you and your pet can fully enjoy this wonderful journey.

3.Compact body, foldable handlebar stem, greatly saving space
The overall size of Motkoo pet ebike after installation is very small( about 1200mm540mm108mm). This size provides enough space for your pet and also offers enough convenience for your riding. It takes up very little space and won’t make your home look crowded. Even if you live in an apartment, it’s a space-saving helper.

If you are struggling with how to accommodate your pet, why not take it with you on your journey? Motkoo electric mini pet bike will bring you and your beloved pet an unforgettable experience.

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